Configuring S3 Publishing

Registering a Delivery Type for S3 Publishing

 Delivery Types are added in the 'Delivery Types' section of the 'Publishing Design' user interface in Rhythmyx. 

Steps to Register the Delivery Type

1. Login into Rhythmyx using the browser.
2. Click the tab for 'Publishing Design'.
3. On the left menu, choose 'Delivery Type'.

Review the existing delivery types to determine if the amazon_s3 Delivery Type is registered or not.  If it is not then perform the following steps:

1. Then on the center of the page, choose Action > Create Delivery Type.
2. Provide a name for this Delivery Type, for eg: amazon_s3
3. For the 'Spring Bean Name' field provide the value - sys_amazonS3DeliveryHandler
4. Click Save.
5. Make the required changes in the site registration and content list(s) for publishing using this new delivery type.

Configure the Site

  1. Access Publishing Design
  2. Expand Sites and select the Site that you want to publish to S3.
  3. Select Show Site Details
  4. Complete the following fields:
    1. Amazon S3 Bucket Name - This should be the short name of the S3 bucket that you are publishing to.
    2. Amazon Access Key- An AWS API access key that has read/write permissions to the specified bucket.
    3. Amazon Secret Key - The AWS secret key for this account

Configure a Content List

  1. Copy an existing content list or add a new content list.
  2. Select the content that you want to publish
  3. For the delivery type field select amazon_s3
  4. Save the content list.

Configure an Edition

  1. Copy an existing edition or add a new edition.
  2. Add a new Content List Association for the Content List that was configured in the Content List section. 
  3. Save the Edition

Run the Edition

  1. Access Publishing Runtime tab
  2. Select the Site and run the new S3 edition.
  3. Content will be assembled and staged with other delivery types and pushed to the S3 bucket using the credentials provided on the site.