Rhythmyx 7.3.2 20180928 Patch

Patch id: 732_20180928

This patch includes several enhancements and bug fixes.  Workflow Notifications have been updated to support authentication over SSL/TLS and have been improved to utilize the Velocity 2.0 templating engine (more details below).  In addition, the Velocity tools (JsonTool, MathTool, NumberTool, etc.)  have been updated to version 3.0 and are included by default.


Downloads are available via the support portal at https://percussionsupport.intsof.com

Previous Patches

This patch includes the following changes:

Change Description

RHYT-1778 - Upgrade the Commons-Codec jar from 1.3 to 1.11

A security update was made to the Commons-Codec library.

RHYT-1900 - Child table entries not getting removed on deletion content from child table

When removing a child-table entry from a content type, its entry was not being removed from its corresponding table and the object-relationship table.  This has been corrected.

RHYT-1901 - Inline relationship entry is not getting removed when childtable record is deleted using X icon in the child table editor

When removing a child-table entry from a content type (or the inline link itself from the child table), the inline-link relationship was not being removed from the corresponding table and object-relationship table.  This has been corrected.

RHYT-1902 - Inline relationship entries in child and objectrelationships tables are intermittently multiplying with same entries

When creating child-table relationships, there were circumstances which would allow for duplicates of those entries.  This has been corrected.

RHYT-1911 - Error screen with broken images displayed when clicking Extend Session on Session Timeout Warning

After session timeout or restarting the Rhythmyx server with Context Explorer open, it was possible receive an error message with broken images.  This dialog has been corrected to redirect users to the login screen.

RHYT-1971 - commons-lang-2.4.jar updates, commons-lang3 additions

Commons-Lang-2.4.jar has been included in a few supporting locations and Commons-Lang3 has been added to provide Velocity-2.0 support.

RHYT-1998 - Workbench : Null Pointer Exception when loading Menu Visibility Contexts prevents menu's from being edited

If an error occurs while loading menus, a null pointer is displayed and the menu list isn't loaded.  On an instance where the error occurs, the null pointer exception should no longer be displayed and an error will be written to the workbench log.

RHYT-1933 - Refactor Worklfow Notifications to use Velocity as the Template Engine

The workflow notifications have been refactored to use the Velocity 2.0 engine.  Please refere to the documentation here.

RHYT-1792 - Worklflow email notifications do not support Authentication or SSL

Workflow notifications have been updated to suport authentication over SSL and TLS.  Existing configurations should not need to be updated after patch install, however configuring the notifications to support TLS/SSL can be made by editing the rxworkflow.properties file.  More documentation on this file can be found here.  Configuring this file does require that the server be restarted.

RHYT-1970 - Enable the new Velocity 3.0 Tools by Default

Velocity 3.0 Tools have been made available by default and are available for use on existing templates.  The Velocity documentation for the new tools can be found here, and examples can be found on the Percussion help site here.  JSONTool, Collection Tool, and LogTool, for example, will all be available with this patch.

RHYT-1974 - Update Velocity Implementation to Remove Deprecated References

This issue relates to RHYT-1970 above.  This ensures Velocity-2.0 tools have been removed and upgraded to 3.0.

Known Issues / Limitations

RHYT-2575 Workflow Notifications: Invalid notification template results in template source code being emailed

It is important to validate that Workflow Notifications have valid Velocity syntax when setting up custom notification templates.  Syntax errors will result in malformed notification messages.  This will be resolved in a future patch. 

RHYT-2574 Workflow Notification Content Item Velocity Bindings are only referenceable via ${fieldname} syntax

The bindings for notification templates currently require that ${fieldname} syntax be used to reference content item fields.  $fieldname $!fieldname or $!{fieldname} syntax does not currently work for these bindings.  This will be addressed in a future patch. 

RHYT-2576 Workflow Notifications - double links are sent if ${wflink} or $!{wflink} used intead of $wflink by template developer

When adding links to custom notification templates, the $wflink variable must be used.  $!wflink, ${wflink} or $!{wflink} will result in a second notification link being appended to the notification message.  This will be addressed in a future patch. 

RHYT-1935 - Folder with old name need to be removed manually after publishing.

Once a folder name is changed and publishing is done, the new folder is published to the publish location, however, the folder with the old name is still present in that location and currently needs to be removed manually.