Upgrading from Rhythmyx 7.3.2

Upgrade support for Rhythmyx is available on the 8.1.x versions.  We recommend using the most current release update as problems that have been reported by Rhythmyx customers doing upgrade testing are included in those release updates. 

Differences From Rhythmyx / Manual Steps

Installation / Update Process

Rhythmyx used a traditional GUI installer for major release, followed by a cumulative Patch mechanism.  Generally, this patching process worked, but it was often problematic as the patch creation process was very manual.   Percussion CMS provides a basic "hotfix" mechanism to deliver a critical fix, but the general model is to create a minor version update, (8.1.2, 8.1.3, 8.1.4, etc.) and deliver updates with the command-line installer.  The upgrade installation process to Percussion CMS from Rhythmyx is the same process that is used for Percussion CM1 or Percussion CMS version upgrades.  

Delivery Type Changes

Rhythmyx and Percussion CM1 both used delivery types, but CM1 included a delivery tier server that Rhythmyx does not.  There are some conflicts in delivery type names as a result.  After upgrade, any Content Lists / Editions that are using the sys_filesystem delivery type should be updated to use the sys_filesystem_only delivery type.  The upgrade does not currently automate this change. 

Default Users & Passwords

The system does not allow the legacy "demo" password to be used for any built-in or system generated database usernames.  On first start up, an instance unique encryption key is generated to the <Installation Directory>\rxconfig\secure folder, and the system is scanned for system usernames that have the default demo password.   New, complex passwords are generated, and the passwords are re-encrypted in the backend database.  The system records the generated passwords to <Installation Directory>\var\config\generated\passwords file.  This file can be removed once you have recorded your passwords.