Percussion CMS 8.1.4

What's Changed

8.1.4 is a release update that includes minor enhancements, bug fixes, and security updates since the 8.1.3 release update was released.  The release can be downloaded from the Assets section of the release page on GitHub.

Notable Enhancements

  • Revision Comparison - An improvement was made to the Page Revisions Dialog to allow for comparison of text between revisions.
  • Support for RHEL 8.1 - The release has been tested on RHEL 8.1.
  • Siteimprove - Skip Assets - The Siteimprove integration now supports the option to skip notification of Assets for crawling on publish. 
  • Improved Page filename validation.  Validation has been improved to prevent users from creating new Pages that have file extensions that can't be served by web servers. Validation is based on supported mime types / page file extensions.
  • Live First Site Import Updated. A number of improvements were made to Site / Template import from URL including better handling of external JS / CSS resources, image asset handling and page cataloging. 
  • Improved Web Browser Screenshot / Thumbnail support.  As part of a security update, the Page / Template screenshot processing has been updated to take advantage of the built-in support for screenshots provided by all major web browsers. See the help page for more information.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • A performance issue / potential memory leak was fixed in the Folder / Item cache.
  • Rich Text Editor Source Editor should now size correctly on different screen resolutions.
  • Broken help links in the user interface should now be corrected. 
  • The complete list of bugs corrected are listed on the Release page on GitHub.  

Notable Security updates

  • DTS Tomcat version bumped to 9.0.86
  • CMS Jetty bumped to 9.4.51.v20240208
  • Unsupported phantomjs binary removed
  • Many dependencies were version bumped to clear security warnings

Please see the full changelog for the complete list of changes.

Full Changelog: