Percussion CMS - 8.0.3

What's New

Percussion CMS 8.0.3 includes a number of security updates and defect corrections that improve on on the 8.0.2 version.  Visit the Change Log to review the complete set of changes in each update. 

General Improvements

Database Support

  • Support for MySQL 8


There were a number of security changes in this release.  A full breakdown can be found on the release security page. 

  • XML Catalog - A new XML Catalog has been added for XML Applications designed to improve XML security.
  • Secure Instance Encryption Key
  • UI Component Updates
  • Backend Component Updates
  • Application Vulnerabilities
  • CSRF token support

Open Source

Beginning with the 8.0.3 release, the project source code is maintained on GitHub. 

Project Repositories

For licensed customers, support and downloads with Installer support are accessible from the support portal