Percussion CMS - 8.1.3

What's Changed

8.1.3 is a release update that includes minor enhancements, bug fixes, and security updates since the 8.1.2 release update was released.  The release can be downloaded from the Assets section of the release page on GitHub.

Notable Enhancements

  • Keyboard accessibility is improved across many screens in the UI
  • Updated Accessibility VPAT with issue links
  • Code formatting in HTML editors improved
  • TinyMCE Templates plugin is now turned on by default.
  • Improved backend HTML and Link processing in Rich Text / HTML widgets.
  • Full Text re-indexing no longer happens on startup, or on first start up post upgrade.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs related to rich text content, where html could become corrupted or aria- and data- attributes were incorrectly getting stripped from content.
  • Fixed an issue in Content Explorer was not enabling the Inline Link menu in the Tiny MCE Insert menu.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented new Widget Builder widgets from being deployed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented new section links from being created in the Navigation Editor
  • Fixed a bug where the Navigation widget would incorrectly render a section link that linked to its parent for however many levels of Navigation were configured.

Notable Security updates

  • DTS Tomcat version bumped to 9.79
  • CMS Jetty bumped to 9.4.51.v20230217
  • Many dependencies were version bumped to clear security warnings

Please see the full changelog for the complete list of changes.

Full Changelog: