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8.0.2 - Change Log


CMS-7743 Installation of DTS staging is failing during upgrade.
CMS-7742 Publish fails after upgrading from 5.3 to 8.0.2 for MSSQL database.
CMS-7728 Category dropdown not working
CMS-7723 DTS MetadataService get request fails with errors
CMS-7722 SocialButtons:For twitter widget on Editor and Live page, Tiny square mark is getting displayed instead of Twitter logo.
CMS-7717 Request to DTS fails when it is behind a proxy
CMS-7714 DTS Metadata Service Fails to start with Foreign Key Error after upgrade
CMS-7709 Getting Error Page while accessing RSS feeds on page autolist widget. perc-common-ui.js file is not replaced on upgrade.
CMS-7706 By adding internal feed to Auto List widget , Jetty Console is throwing Feeds error i.e. PSFeedInfoServiceException.
CMS-7705 Upgrading 5.3 DTS with latest 8.0 kit copies production & staging files to both the production & staging locations. The issue exists in Fresh DTS install too.
CMS-7704 Blog List, Result List, Page Auto List RSS Feeds fail with 400 error
CMS-7703 500 Error in console for the gadgets dont have 'All Sites' as option for e.g Traffic, Forms Tracker, Membership. Also data of one site is showing in another site.
CMS-7702 All members are getting deleted from the Gadget if the user delete a single member from the MEMBERSHIP Gadget.
CMS-7701 While configuring RSS widget & accessing the Content tab on Editor window, Console is throwing error messages.
CMS-7699 LDAP Authentication for CMS login not working after upgrade
CMS-7696 Mini calendar is not working and throwing error in console.
CMS-7695 Console error while adding Form widget on the page.
CMS-7694 On Blog Gadget under Sites expanded dropdown "All Site" option is getting displayed & All other Sites name are missing.
CMS-7692 "Widget Summary" section is missing for Title widget under Configure Widget Properties"
CMS-7689 Error is getting logged in jetty console after user log in to the CMS
CMS-7687 Publishing a page to DTS pointing to MySql Database throws error related to nvarchar.
CMS-7686 Google Analytics integration erroring out with data format exception
CMS-7685 Some Gadgets are not Loading Site Name in the drop down as a result use is not able to see data. e.g Comments, Forms Gadget
CMS-7684 Editing Page Metadata to add Category thows Assembly Error
CMS-7675 8.0.0 DTS upgrade prod & staging mysql-connector.jar missing after upgrade
CMS-7673 Upgrade from 5.3 to 8.0.0 fails with encryption exception
CMS-7667 When user try to configure the added widget, error message gets displayed.
CMS-7666 Feeds service fails to start with error as in description.
CMS-7665 Jetty Startup failed with following error
CMS-7659 DTS fails to install on QA environment
CMS-7656 Error restarting Jetty because of Double value in cache
CMS-7651 Fresh Installer is Failing with following error.. still says Successful
CMS-7630 Username validation is disallowing valid LDAP usernames
CMS-7624 Deleting a blog folder and sending it to recycle bin breaks the Blog List gadget until folder is purged from recycle bin
CMS-7622 dts blocking queries on sql server and causing slow performance
CMS-7621 Image thumbnail (Preview) is not getting appeared under Asset and error is getting logged in console
CMS-7600 PSEncrypter using outdated DES algorithm - needs deprecated and replace
CMS-7598 Security: eatlasagna / makelasagna need to be secured
CMS-7595 Security: PSGoogleAnalyticsProviderHandlerTest contains hardcoded secrets
CMS-7594 Corrupted / encoded characters in server logs related to Percussion license details on startup
CMS-7591 DTS - SQL Server - Hibernate incorrectly generating ids causing metadata services to fail to return data
CMS-7584 Change Google Analytics Application name in to be "Percussion CMS"
CMS-7561 Getting 404 error page on accessing admin console on 5.4
CMS-7554 Security: PSUserSessionManager keeps a static map of all the sessions created and not removing sessions out of it on logout
CMS-7553 Jetty console is throwing error messages i.e. ERROR ProcessBinding: Problem when evaluating expression - related to widgets
CMS-7552 Getting 500 error while deleting folder from 'Asset' section
CMS-7551 '&' character in folder names should be replaced when upgrading from 5.3 to 5.4
CMS-7542 On Publish screen, under Server Properties Configuration 'Publish Secure Site Config' tab should be an individual property
CMS-7540 Breadcrumb widget section links not clickable when breadcrumb is on a page in a sub-folder that is not a section
CMS-7534 While creating section with same name blank space after name is getting displayed on informative error message.
CMS-7531 UI of 'Comment Form' and 'Form' widget is getting distorted on Editor, Preview and Live URL and getting 500 error while submitting comment form
CMS-7526 Category List Widget displays no entries when "max number of categories" is not set in Layout properties
CMS-7525 Unable to delete page after converting section to folder
CMS-7515 Archive List is showing Live links when in edit mode
CMS-7513 API Documentation Page incorrectly lists Apache 2.0 as license
CMS-7507 Out of memory error when publishing file autolist with many File assets
CMS-7506 "Entry Field" in Form Widget limited to 255 characters when configuring the field. Default limit is 2048
CMS-7505 Missing styling/labels when configuring fields in the Form Widget
CMS-7504 popup menu doesn't show all the items
CMS-7500 Getting JS exception in console and Text field gets vanished form Editor
CMS-7480 Put CMLIteMain.jar in nexus server to run Workbench with 5.4
CMS-7479 Deleting an asset in Quick Edit status is not getting changed to archive under recycling
CMS-7478 Selecting override option for images in the rich text editor causes the image not to display
CMS-7477 Security: xstream <=1.4.13 arbitrary command execution vulnerability
CMS-7467 Upgrade is getting failed on OOB instance with ACL Entry foreign key error
CMS-7461 Security: Vulnerability in the axis:axis <=1.4
CMS-7394 PSDBMSInfoTest is failing on password equality
CMS-7391 By Adding user to the role Invalid_Character Popup message gets displayed.
CMS-7377 Security: Vulnerability in Apache Lucene Core library versions < 7.1.0
CMS-7093 Unable to schedule publish a Page
CMS-4290 Image Dimensions in Rich Text Editor needs proper data validation
CMS-4217 Image Dimensions issue in RTE (Rich Text Editor) doesn't load configured dimensions
CMS-3177 Date fields (like Date Posted, Post Date Override) do have a Time Zone option - causing confusion in multiple timezone implementations : Part 2


CMS-7650 Allow placing of additional head content on pages/templates directly after tag
CMS-7625 Add foreign key + new indexes for PERC_PAGE_METADATA tables in DTS database
CMS-7589 Too much white space on 'License Monitor' gadget
CMS-7567 Replace any UI text references to Percussion CM1 with Percussion CMS
CMS-7566 Add the ability to restrict the number of Users allowed to log into the system
CMS-7556 Home screen contrast issue - wrong blue in use
CMS-7548 Remove the requirement to license the CMS with Percussion
CMS-7539 Allow metadata indexing on servers other than the default publishing server
CMS-7512 Update the Audit logs to include information about scheduled publishes/removals


CMS-7620 Linux CMS and DTS services not starting on boot
CMS-7601 Security: Need new upgrade ant task to allow for updating encrypted passwords on upgrade
CMS-7409 Page with Recycled shared asset can publish with blank asset
CMS-5339 JBOSS Service Uninstall is not Available on Windows
CMS-5143 Show a progress indicator when verifying database publish server configuration
CMS-2573 Email Form does not send email on form submission