Incremental Publishing

As pages, shared assets, or template content is modified and approved, the pages impacted by the changes are queued for incremental publishing. Those items can then be published without needing to publish the rest of the site. The administrator has the ability to review the list of pages prior to publish in order to validate that the right items are in the queue. 

It is important to note that theme files are always published as part of an incremental publish. However, changes to theme files do not cause pages to be queued for incremental publish. There are circumstances in which a full publish is required:

  • Folder path changes or navigation changes
  • Changes to page name require a full publish in order to update links pointing to the changed page 
  • If a shared asset image is inserted into a rich text asset/widget, and then the image is updated, the rich text asset and pages using it are not queued for incremental publish. 
  • Changes to image and file assets will not queue pages with autolists that would select these assets. These autolist widgets are not dynamic, so they will not update until the page is published.
  • Changes to template layout or style will not queue pages using the template. However, if edits are made to template content, then the pages will be queued.
  • Archiving or deleting items are not queued for incremental publish.

Incremental publishing will be disabled for a pub server until a Full Publish is run in the following situations:

  • A new pub server is defined
  • A pub server updated to point to a new file system destination
  • The Percussion CMS is upgraded to a new version.

Items scheduled for a future date will not be queued for incremental, and if an item is in the queue, it will be removed when a page/resource is scheduled.

Incremental publishing is only available on the default publishing server. 

To run an incremental publish, use the following steps:

1) From the Dashboard or Home drop down menu, select Publish.

2) Double-click on your site to open the Servers tab.

3) Select the Publishing Server.

4) Click the Incremental button.

5) Review the list of pages and assets to be published. 

6) Click Continue