Configuring an S3 Static Web Site to use Redirect Manager

The Redirect Manager service is licensed by subscription and is included in Percussion's Cloud offering.  When publishing a static website to an S3 bucket in another account, the external S3 bucket requires some additional configuration in order for the redirect management service to work. 

Redirect Manager works like a 404 handler for the S3 bucket.  When a request comes to a page that does not exist, S3 will forward the request to Redirect Manager.  If Redirect Manager finds a redirect for the page in it's database, it will redirect the user automatically, if it does not find a page it will route the user to a page named error.html in the root of the website.  

  1. Copy your existing error page or create a new Page and place it in the root on the site next to your index.html page and name it error.html.
  2. Edit the Metadata for the Error Page and in the SEO section check the box that says hide from search engines to prevent Search engines like Google from indexing the error page for search.
  3. In the AWS console, select Properties of your S3 bucket and edit Static Website Configuration. 
  4. Set the error page to be error.html and the default page to be index.html or index (whatever your Default Document is configured as in Percussion CMS).
  5. In the Redirection Rules add the following:

"Condition": {
"HttpErrorCodeReturnedEquals": "404"
"Redirect": {
"HostName": "",
"HttpRedirectCode": "301",
"Protocol": "https",
"ReplaceKeyPrefixWith": "rest/redirect/go/nameofyourbucket/"

After saving these properties, when a 404 error is found on the static S3 site, the redirect service will be called, and if your site is licensed for the service and a redirect exists, website visitors will be redirected to the new location for the page.