CM1 provides the ability to manage the Navigation of your website by managing the directory structure of your site. CM1 is built on the assumption that your navigation structure mirrors your directory hierarchy. For example, if your navigation has "About us" as part of your top level navigation and an option for "Careers" below that, this would correlate to a directory structure (and URL structure) of /About_us/Careers.  

With this concept in mind, the Navigation editor allows you to manage the directory structure of your site so that a navigation widget can be auto-generated for your site. When you add a section to the navigation you are adding a directory and a landing page within the information hierarchy. The Navigation Manager allows you to manipulate not only the navigation but the entire site hierarchy. As such, this should not be done lightly. SEO is greatly effected by changing page URLs, so moving content should be done deliberately.

Modifications to navigation (adding new sections, moving sections, changing section landing pages, or removing sections) will affect content on any pages that are published.  You should perform a full publish of your site to update all pages when making changes to navigation.

Types of Sections

  • Section & landing page - A section that represents a portion of a web site and has an associated landing page and link. The link appears in site navigation structures and accesses the section's landing page.
  • Section link - A link to a standard section's landing page that you can place anywhere in the site structure. The purpose of a section link is to include a navigation link to a section in a location which it would not automatically appear in the site's navigation structures. For example, if a company is hiring, it may with to include a section link to the Jobs section in the top level navigation, even though normally that would reside in a subordinate directory. A section link cannot have sub-sections, and it cannot contain pages. 
  • External link - A link to an external URL that you can place anywhere in the navigation structure. This type of section is represented in the Navigation view by an icon that has External Link written across it. An external link cannot have sub-sections, and it cannot contain pages. 

Adding a New Section to Navigation

To add a new section to navigation:

  1. Access the Navigation Manager (From top navigation menu, select Navigation)
  2. Drill down through the existing navigation and select the parent section where you want the new section.
  3. Click on the New Section button
    The system displays the New Section dialog.
  4. Choose the Type of navigation link that you want to create.
    If you choose Section Link and Landing Page
    1. Choose a template for the landing page.
    2. Enter the Display Title. The text in this field will be used to identify the section in navigation, breadcrumbs, and other links generated automatically by Percussion. The Section Link Text is also used as the Page Link Text for the section landing page.
    3. By default, the Section Link Text is also automatically entered in the Section Name field. The Section Name is used as the directory name. The text in this field must be valid for a URL, spaces are converted to dashes and characters that are not valid in a URL are omitted.
    4. Click [Save] to add the new section.

    If you choose Section link
    1. Click the Target section button and select the section that you want to link to.
    2. Click [Save] to add the new section.

    If you choose External Link
    1. In External Link Text enter the text that you want to appear for the link in navigation.
    2. Enter a value in External Link URL.
    3. Click [Save] to add the new section.

    If you choose Convert Folder
    1. In Target folder select an existing folder that is not already a navigation section.
    2. Choose a page within that folder to serve as the landing page. That page name will be converted to 'index', but all links to that page will be managed and not broken.
    3. Make note that the converted navigation section will choose its display name based on the display title, which is based on the display title of the selected landing page.  You can configure this within the section's options under the Navigation menu.

Moving a Section in the Navigation

To move a section's location in the same level (for example to change Products, Solutions, Resources, Customers to Products, Solutions, Customers, Resources):

  1. Click and drag section to change its order in that level.
    Valid drop areas on the sides of sections are highlighted as you drag the section over them.
    All pages and sub-sections are moved with the section.

To move a section under a new parent section (at the same or a different level):

  1. Click and drag the section over its new parent section. The entire parent section is highlighted if it can contain the section.


  1. Select the section you want to move.
  2. Click the Move Section link in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Select the new parent section to which you want to move the child section.
  4. Click the [Move] button.

When a section is moved, all pages and sub-sections are moved with sections.

Removing a Section from Navigation

There are two options for removing a section and landing page from the navigation.

  1. Convert the section to a folder and remove from the navigation
  2. Delete the content from the website

In either case, to remove the section, click the Remove Section from Navigation button. You will be prompted to then either convert the section to a folder or delete. If you choose to convert the section to a folder, all subordinate sections will also be converted to folders.  Links to the pages are unaffected by converting the section to folder. 

If you choose to delete the section and landing page from Navigation, you are permanently deleting that section, and all of it its sub-sections, from your site. This action cannot be reversed.

NOTE: You cannot convert a blog from a section to a folder. If you attempted to remove a blog from the navigation you will only have the option to delete the content.  

When you remove a section link or an external link, the link no longer appears in the site navigation structure where it previously appeared.