Sandbox License

Understanding Upgrade Sandbox Licenses

Sandbox licenses allow on-premise customers to create a copy of their production Percussion installation, activate it for Publishing, so that it can then be used for testing and validation of a Patch or Version upgrades.   After upgrade validation, Sandbox installations are de-provisioned or shut down.  

How do I setup a Sandbox Percussion Server?

Using the procedure defined in the Migrating Percussion Environments, a copy is made of the Production instance to a new physical or virtual server environment that will be used for testing the upgrade.

How is a Sandbox license different from a Development License?

A Development license is a permanent/always on installation of Percussion that is used for ongoing Development and Testing as part of an ongoing SDLC.  A Sandbox license is a temporary license specifically intended for upgrade or patch testing. 

How much does a Sandbox license cost?

Sandbox licenses are available at no additional charge or license fees.  

How do I get a Sandbox license?

A Sandbox license can be obtained from Percussion by contacting your Customer Success Manager or by a request submitted to