Manage Content

Content in Percussion can be created in the context of a specific page (a 'local asset'), or as a 'shared asset' that can be used in multiple locations in the web site. Pages in Percussion correspond to pages that are published on your web site. A page is comprised of one or more pieces of content, either in the form of text, images, or files.

Maintaining content in Percussion involves adding, modifying and removing content on both templates and pages. Content added to a template is placed on every page that uses that template. Content added to a page appears on that page only.

Note: CM1 uses UTF-8 encoding, which should support content in any language commonly used on the web.

Managing Widgets: This section provides a complete widget reference. 

Managing Pages: This section shows how to create, edit, delete, copy and other page actions. 


Managing Assets: This section shows how to create and manage local and shared assets, including information on how to bulk upload items. 

Managing Folders: This section shows how to create folders and how they correlate to directories on your website

Managing Blogs: This section provides instructions for creating a blog and maintaining blog content. 

Integrating Content: This section covers the different techniques for importing and exporting content from the Percussion CMS using the published APIs.