Managed Links

Links in the Content Management System are handled differently based upon the type of link that is being managed.  

Managed Links

Managed Links are links to resources (Pages, Assets, or Sections) that are under management by the Content Management System. 

Content in a Rich Text field or HTML Asset that contains Managed Links will be automatically updated when the following events occur on the content.

  • Page or Asset is Moved
  • Page or Asset is Renamed
  • Page or Asset is Archived
  • Page or Asset is Deleted

Inline Links

Inline Links are the precursor to Managed Links and are still generated and used by some aspects of the content management system.  Inline Links can be considered interchangeable with Managed Links. 

External Links

External Links are links to Pages or Resources on External Web Sites.  External Links are not currently managed by the CMS and are controlled by the Web Site maintainer.  External Links are not checked or removed from Page content at Publishing time. 

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