A template defines the look and feel of a set of pages. All pages in Percussion are created from a template. Templates allow designers and users to create the layout or “wireframe” of the design, as well as to assign the content and content types that will be displayed or allowed on the page.  

Templates control the degree of freedom any given editor of a page will have to edit content or to add or modify widgets. The more specificity defined on the template, the more constraints that are placed on the content editor. A balance of consistency versus supportabilty must be struck. A very specific template can force consistency on content contributors but can result in a large number of templates to maintain.

Information on templates is broken down into the following topics:

Creating Template Layouts - This section covers creating templates layouts from scratch using the Percussion base and responsive templates as well as creating using LiveFirst

Styling Templates - This section covers how to associate theme styles to sections and content within the template as well as how to insert local style overrides to the theme. 

Defining Template Content - This section explains the relationship between page and template content, and how both content is maintained on templates. This will also cover how to manage template meta-data.  

Maintaining Template Meta-data- This section explains how to manage meta-data on the template and how it relates to page meta-data. 

Creating Templates using LiveFirst - This section covers the process of creating a template by importing a page using LiveFirst and converting it into a template

Managing Templates - This section covers the process of maintaining templates, assigning templates to pages, and importing and exporting templates 

Creating Custom Styles for Rich Text - This section covers how you can create custom styles that content contributors can use to style text

In addition to these topics, there is additional information to assist in the creation of responsive sites. 

Using Percussion's Responsive Templates - This section provides additional information for users who wish to use Percussion's out-of-the-box responsive templates

Using Twitter Bootstrap with Percussion CMS - This section comes from the Percussion Blog and covers how to easily leverage Twitter Bootstrap to create a responsive site