The Publishing process creates files on your web server or sends files to a destination based on the publishing configuration you define and the content you approve in the Percussion CMS. Before you can start publishing, you will first need to configure publishing in CM1, and ensure you have configured your web server correctly.

There are four choices for publishing a site:

  1. You can perform a full publish of all content on the site. 
  2. You can perform an incremental publish of just that content which has changed since last publish. Incremental publishing minimizes the time it takes to get content to the website while still ensuring content goes through the full workflow for review and approval.
  3. Individual pages or assets can be published on demand. Publishing on demand also allows for you to schedule pages to be published. 
  4. Publish to a staging server. 

Publishing Websites

When you publish a to a web server, the following things happen:

  • If you have not published the site before, a new directory is created on the web server for that site.
  • Within that directory, a set of sub-directories is created, corresponding to the sections and folders defined in your site, if they do not already exist. If you have changed the name of a section or folder in the site, the corresponding directory is renamed. If you have deleted a section or folder, the corresponding directory is removed.
  • A set of HTML files is created, corresponding to the pages you have created in Percussion; only files that are approved will be published. These files are placed into the directory corresponding to the section or folder where the Percussion page is located. If the page has changed, the new HTML page will reflect these changes. If the page has been deleted, the HTML file is deleted.
  • If your site includes any Image or File assets, they are published to your website in the same paths in which they are stored in the Finder. Image and file assets created in the Finder are stored in the folders that you select.
  • Two files are published for Image assets: the main image file and the thumbnail file. Asset folders are not published if they are empty.

Additional Information

Publishing Assets to Specific Sites provides instructions for limiting the number of assets that publish to each site when you are managing multiple sites

Viewing Publishing Reports provides information on viewing the success and failure of publishing jobs.