Developers are an important part of the Percussion ecosystem. Our API's, SDKS, and Development tools are designed to enable Developers to create customized user experiences for their Content Contributors and Maintainers in a way that is both upgradable and easy to use.

CM1 SDK - Advanced Tools

The Advanced tools allow for Packaging of Widgets, Gadgets, or other functionality that has been created with an Eclipse based Workbench / Plugin set.  The Workbench provides a robust set of content type definition features, including the ability to create custom controls for use in the user interface.  


The CM1 API allows developers to manage folders, pages, and assets in the Percussion CMS via external scripts or programs.

This API is not meant to be called from live content that the CMS has published to the web delivery tier.  For programmatic access to live content use the Delivery Tier Services (DTS) API.

 The documentation for the API can be accessed online from any instance of CM1.  To access the API, visit  http://<yourpercussionserver>:9992/cm/api/index.html in your web browser. 


The CM1 API REST API can be accessed via server side code, a custom application, or JavaScript AJAX requests.

Access to the service is restricted to users in the Administrator role and authentication credentials must be supplied at the time the service is called. HTTP Basic Authentication is used for authenticating the user for Export/Import.

The following operations are supported:


  • Find/Retrieve folder by site and path (folder)
  • Delete a folder under root of site by site and path
  • Create or update folder under root of site by site and path


  • Find/Retrieve a binary asset by path (folder)
  • Create a binary asset by uploading the binary file by path (folder)
  • Find/Retrieve asset metadata by path (folder)
  • Create or update a non-binary asset by path (folder)
  • Delete an asset by path (folder) 


  • Find page by site, path (folder), and pagename 
  • Create or update page by site, path (folder), and pagename
  • Delete page site, path (folder), and pagename


The DTS API provides both public and private methods for the various delivery tier services.   Public methods are intended to be called from the published web site.  Private methods are meant to be called from the remote CMS.  The DTS API includes methods for each DTS service, the most widely used being the Metadata and RSS services.  

  • Metadata
  • Feeds
  • Forms
  • Comments
  • Polls
  • Like
  • Caching