Folders in the Percussion CMS correspond to directories and sub-directories on your website.  When you publish the site, a directory will be created corresponding to each folder defined in the site. A folder structure exists for both Page and for Assets. Pages will be published to the same relative directory structure on the website.  For Assets, folders serve two functions.  For binary assets (files, PDFs, images, etc), the assets will be published to the same relative directory structure on the website. For all other assets, folders serve as an organization structure for your content library. 

Creating a Folder

Folders can be created using the Finder. To create a folder, first select the site or parent folder where you want the folder located, and then click the New Folder icon. Type the name of the folder and hit Enter/Return. 

Renaming Folders

To rename a folder, select it in the Finder and click the configuration icon in the top right of the Finder. Select Folder Properties to modify the folder name.  

Folder Permissions

Folder properties includes the permissions associated with the folder. When you first create a folder, all users have Admin access to it, but you can change the Permission from Admin to Write or Read through the Folder properties. For assets, you can also set which site they will publish to.  See this document for more information.  

Deleting a Folder

Deleting a folder also deletes its contents. To delete a folder, select the folder and click on the delete icon at the top of the Finder. If you attempt to delete a folder whose contents are in use (for example, if you want to delete a folder from the Asset Library that includes assets currently being used on a page), Percussion returns a warning dialog noting that some contents are in use. If you delete contents that are in use, they will be removed from the pages where they are used. Any links to that content will be deleted, although the link text will not be removed. For example, in the paragraph above, if the "Configuring Security" page was removed from the system, the link would be removed but the words "Configuring Security" would not.