The Percussion Dashboard gives administrators and other power users a variety of tools to manage and configure the Percussion CMS. The Dashboard is comprised of a series of Gadgets that the user can add, arrange and remove. Gadgets are modular components that provide you with information about your CM1 environment, such as links to CM1 resources and lists of pages in your sites in different workflow states.

By default the "Welcome" and the "Page by status" gadget will be displayed in the dashboard.  You can add or remove any gadget as and when necessary.

To Add a Gadget

In order to add a gadget to the dashboard, click the "Add Dashboard Gadgets" to expand the gadgets tray.  From the gadgets tray click and drag one of the gadgets to under the gadgets tray to pin that gadget to the dashboard.  

To Edit a Gadget

Gadgets are configurable.  To configure a gadget, click the drop-down icon on the top right corner of the gadget and choose "Edit gadget" to customize it.

To Delete a Gadget

Gadgets can be removed from the dashboard when no longer needed.  To remove a gadget from the dashboard, click the drop-down icon on the top right corner of the gadget and choose "Delete" and confirm at the confirmation dialog for its removal.


Shows page activity on your site. See Site Analytics for more detail. 

Assets By Status

Provide the ability to search though assets by asset type and workflow, and to approve assets in bulk. 


Shows a list of blogs and allows you to create blog posts.

Bulk Upload

Lets you import multiple files into CM1


Displays information about comments that appear on pages, and enables you to moderate comments. See Moderating Comments for more information. 

Coookie Consent

Provides the ability to view and export information related to cookie-consent entries. See the Cookie-Consent widget page for more information.

Forms Tracker

Displays information about your site's forms and the data they collect. See Managing Form Submissions for more details.  

Global Variables

Provides the ability to define tokens that can be inserted in rich text widgets across your site. See Managing Global Variables for more details. 

Google Setup

Lets you configure an integration to Google Analytics. See Configuring Google Analytics Integration for more detail. 


Also known as the "App Gadget", this provides the ability to integrate third party applications in the CM1 dashboard

License Monitor

Displays information about your product license.


Provide the ability to administer membership to a secure site or section. See Configuring Secure Sites for more details. 

Page Optimizer Keywords

Provide the ability to enter in up to 20 keywords (1, 2, or 3 word phrases) that will be used by the Page Optimizer to analyze and help improve your SEO. See Page Optimizer for more details. 

Pages by Status

Displays pages, sorted by their workflow state.

Process Monitor

Monitor the status of various background processes in the Percussion CMS.

Redirect Management

Provide the ability to create and manage vanity urls and redirects. See Redirect Management for more detail.

SEO Audit

Analyzes your pages for data that would reduce your ranking in search engines.

Site Improve

This gadget shows the Siteimprove integration with Percussion CM1. Siteimprove's all-in-one software helps you perfect your digital presence and turn it into the asset it was meant to be. Start fixing and improving accessibility, SEO, content quality, security issues, and more today.

See Site Improve for more Details.

Sitewide Framework

This gadget allows an administrator to override jQuery, jQueryUI and Percussion Foundation Framework for each site managed by CM1.


Shows effectiveness of changes by overlaying a graph of site visits on a graph of site changes. See Site Analytics for more detail. 


The welcome gadget contains links to useful Percussion pages and this is where you can grab the Percussion Linkback bookmark from. See below for more information on Percussion Linkback.

Using Percussion Linkback to Access Pages

Percussion Linkback provides quick access from your website back to Percussion to facilitate quick edits and easy navigation. When viewing a page on your website, click the Percussion Linkback bookmark, and you will be brought to the corresponding page in Percussion for you to edit.

To use Percussion Linkback, you must first add the Percussion bookmarklet to your browser bookmark bar.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard
  2. Go to the Welcome gadget
  3. Click on the Percussion button and drag it to your bookmark bar.

You can then access your live site that has been published using the Percussion CMS. From any page, you can click on the Percussion bookmarklet and you will be brought directly into Percussion open to that page. If you are logged out of Percussion, you will be prompted to log in as part of navigating to the page.

Whats Working

Computes the effectiveness of changes to pages on your site. See Site Analytics for more detail. 

Widget Configuration

Configure widgets available for use in creating new assets or in adding to pages or templates