Getting Started

This section helps you quickly get up and running on Percussion CMS by guiding you through the steps necessary to set up your site, and import any existing content into your system. When you have completed the Getting Started procedures, you will be ready to begin adding new pages to your site or to edit imported pages.

There are two major methods for creating a site in the Percussion CMS

  • Creating a site using LiveFirst
  • Creating a site from scratch

In either case, the process begins by Installing the CMS. Once you have installed, you will need to decide how you want to create your site.

Creating a site using LiveFirst

LiveFirst is Percussion's patent-pending technology for importing and transforming a website's information architecture without the need to rebuild from scratch. Using this method greatly accelerates the timeline it takes to get your site live, by giving you the flexibility to only modify the most urgent pieces of your website. This approach is ideal for customers that are satisfied with much of their content or design but are looking to make select changes immediately and roll out other changes over time. 

For more information on LiveFirst, see the LiveFirst Overview

To get started with LiveFirst, you would go through the following steps:

  1. Import your site (On the Dashboard, click the Add a Site button and follow the wizard steps.)
  2. Create templates
  3. Assign pages to templates
  4. Review and Approve pages

Creating a site from scratch

Some customers may determine that they want to implement a new website using a more traditional CMS approach by first auditing content, creating new designs, implementing them in Percussion and then bringing over content.  

Customers using this process would do the following:

  1. Set up your theme CSS.
  2. Create your site. (On the Dashboard, click the Add a Site button and follow the wizard steps.)
  3. Design a Template - Add Regions.
  4. Design a Template - Add Widgets and Content
  5. Set up your Site Structure.
  6. Set up Access to Content.
  7. Migrate existing Content.

The sections that follow this one will cover tasks to complete once your site is set up in CM1, such as styling your site and publishing it.