Site Admin

This section covers a variety of topics related to managing sites in the Percussion CMS:

Managing Site Properties covers how to change a site name in the CMS and provides a basic overview of the different settings contained in the site properties.  

Configuring the Rich Text Editor covers how to configure and customize the Text Editor configuration including Role based configuration options.

Copying and Deleting Sites covers the process for performing those actions as well as the considerations and best practices.

SaaS Specific Administration covers topics specific to the Percussion CMS SaaS offering, including managing redirects, configuring robots.txt, DNS configuration and other topics. 

Secure Sites explains the process for setting up secure sites and sections and how to implement them within your environment. 

The Dashboard Reference provides an explanation of the various gadgets available on the Administration home page. 

Managing Global Variables covers a feature that can be used to insert tokens in text areas throughout your site that can be updated from a centralized location.  

Configuring Canonical Links presents an introduction to URL rewrite rules and how to add a canonical URL for your domain name.

Server Properties References provides a reference table of available configuration properties.