Workflow Overview

Percussion provides the ability to manage pages and assets through a workflow. This process determines who can create, edit, approve and publish a page or asset. Workflow is role-based. Users are assigned to Roles, which determine their access at each stage of the approval process. At each stage, a Role either has Read access or Edit access.

  • Edit: Users with edit access can edit content on assets and pages, and can delete these items. If the template allows it, they can also add widgets to pages. Also, the section or folder containing the item may further restrict the permission for some or all users (see Working with Folders).
  • Read: Users with read access can only open the items in read-only mode. Users can always create links to a page, even if they only have read access to that page. Similarly, they can add any asset to a page, even if they only have read access to that asset.

Refer to the following table for details about each step of the workflow process and the actions available:

Workflow StepDescription/StatusActions Possible
DraftUsers can create an item or edit item content and layout. This is also the status of a newly created item.Submit, Approve, Publish
<Custom Step>Administrators can create one or multiple custom step in the workflow. Reviewer can edit content and either approve or reject. Submit, Approve, Reject, Publish
ReviewReviewer checks or edits content and style, and then sends the item back for edits, or approves it for publishing.

Submit, Approve, Reject, Publish


Items in the Approved step may have one of several statuses:

Pending: The item has been approved but has not yet been published.

Live: The item has been published to the website.

Quick Edit: The item has been opened for edit after approval and/or publishing. 

Approve, Archive, Resubmit, Publish

Note: Editing an Approved item creates a new revision of the item. The current revision stays in the publishing queue until you save the edits. Also see the description for Quick Edit in the Description column for Approved status.

ArchiveThe item has been unpublished.Resubmit, Approve, Publish

You can view the current status of a given page or asset in the Finder.

Workflow Notifications

At each step of the workflow (after the draft step), you can configure which users will receive notifications when the content is submitted to that step of the workflow. The e-mail notification has the sender Admin@[MAIL_DOMAIN] where MAIL_DOMAIN is the value you enter in For example, (See Configuring Email Notifications for more detail).

The subject of the e-mail is system generated. It will indicate what the content is, what action is required by the user as well as the comment that the user entered when submitting the item. The message in the e-mail directs the recipient to click a link to access the item awaiting approval.