Managing Site Properties

Managing Site Name

Percussion CMS provides the ability for you to manage the name of your site (for example,  Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended that your sitename in Percussion CMS match the site name of your published site. In fact naming your site after the preferred domain name that you have defined in Google Webmaster Tools is a best practice.   This should also be the same as the public site name you enter when configuring the Percussion DTS.  Your site name is set when you first create a site, but can be edited through the Navigation Manager.

To edit your site name:

  1. Access the Navigation Manager
  2. Within the Level 1 Section click on the Configure Section icon
  3. Edit the Site hostname

Additional Site Properties

The following additional site properties can be set on the Navigation Manager

  • Home page link text - Required. This is the default link text to the home page in any system-generated links. Note that this is not the same as the browser title. 
  • Description - Text description of the site. This content is only displayed within the CMS. 
  • Navigation class names - The names of the base classes to be used by the Navigation widget for the site. For more information on configuring navigation see Styling Navigation
  • Default file extension - Specifies a Default File Extension to use for Pages created on the site.  A best practice recommendation is to use html as the default, but customers are free to configure any file extension that they wish, ranging from blank for no extension to asp, aspx, cfm, jsp, jspx,php, phtml, rhtml, cgi etc.
    • Note that the web server that CM1 publishes to must understand the file extension configured here for web pages to be rendered correctly.  
    • When picking a file extension, is is best to keep in mind that some Search Engines rely on the file extension to determine the type of content that a file or web page contains, so you want to pick an extension that the most Search Engines already know.     

Site Preferences configuration

User Permissions

When you first create a site, all users in an Admin role have Admin access to it, and all other users have Write access to it. Two permissions are available for sites:

  • Read - Use pages, assets, and subfolders, but not modify, add, move or remove them. No access to folder properties. Drag and drop assets from the folder onto a page, but not edit them once they are on the page, regardless of your permission for the page.
  • Write - Modify, add, move, and remove pages, assets, and subfolders, but not move or remove the folder. No access to folder properties.

See Security for more information on setting up security in Percussion CMS.

Security & Membership Settings

A site can be secured for members only by selecting the "Requires Log in" box in this section. However, this requires additional configuration as described in Configuring Secure Sites/Sections before this can be enabled.