CM1 SDK - Advanced Tools

Starting with the 5.3 release of Percussion CM1, we are turning on some of the more Advanced features of the core content management system.  Most CM1 users will be unaffected by these changes.  

The Advanced Tools allow Developers access to the underlying CMS definition and  provide capabilities that are not available in the Widget Builder today. 

Disclaimer: The Advanced tools are intended for Advanced developers creating Advanced Widgets.  Modifications to core CM1 features, such as System Content Types, System Templates, System Macros, or System XML Applications will not survive upgrade and will not be supported.  Modifications made by a developer to any of the System types (nearly always prefixed with sys_or perc) will essentially void your Warranty.   If you have suggestions for changes to a sys_ or perc feature we would be happy to consider them in an open community discussion.  

The Advanced Tools in this release are:


The Workbench is the development environment used by Advanced developers to construct advanced Widgets and other system capabilities. 

Package Builder

The Package Builder is used by Developers to create a Package on one instance of Percussion for the purposes of Deploying the Package on other systems. 

Package Installer

The Package Installer is used by Developers to install a Package created by the Package Builder onto a Percussion Server. 

Package Manager

The Package Manager is used by Developers to set Package visibility, and to manage the set of Deployed Packages on a Percussion server.