Community Widgets

Community Widgets are a collection of widgets built by and for our community of Percussion users. We encourage Developers interested in creating Widgets that can be re-used by others in the Percussion community to get engaged with the CM1 SDK and Advanced Widget development tools, and to post their creations on the Community.

EMS Event List Widget

For academic users that manage academic calendars and campus events using EMS Software's Event Management System, the EMS Event Widget can be configured to pull events from the EMS backend using a number of filters such as Buildings, Groups, Event Types, and date ranges. For more information on the EMS Event List Widget, click here.

Evergage Beacon Widget

The Evergage Beacon widget allows users to integrate use of Evergage personalization tools with Percussion.

Default Language Widget

The Default Language Widget allows you to automate the generation of alt-href lang meta links to improve SEO optimization of foreign language content. 

Local Language Widget

Supplementing the work of the Default Language Widget, the Local Language Widget allows you to manually configure alt-href lang meta links for alternate language versions of your content.