CM1 5.3 SR1 20181017 Patch

Patch ID - 5315_20181017

This is a cumulative/rollup patch for CM1 5.3 SR1 that includes defect corrections & enhancements. This patch includes an uninstall option to support rollback in the event the patch introduces a problem or issue. The patch can be downloaded from the Support portal. For instructions on installing or uninstalling the patch, please review the Readme file provided in the patch folder.  

An updated list of Known Issues can be found at the bottom of this page.

For details on bug fixes and improvements in previous patch updates, please see the release notes for prior patches.  Links to prior patch release notes are provided below:

Improvements in this patch:

[CMS-3999] - EMS Event List Widget for pulling events from EMS Software Master Calendars

A new community widget has been created that provides an integration with EMS Software's Master Calendar solution.  Customers that utilize EMS, can configure the integration by following the documentation here

Defects addressed in this patch:

[CMS-2134] - Security Vulnerability -- perc_common_ui.js -- easyXDM

A security vulnerability was addressed where the easyXDM library included with the DTS for dynamic widget support was out of date.  This has been corrected by this patch. 

[CMS-2445] - Cannot edit Custom Widget Layout Preferences after filling in widget contents

When working with Custom Widgets, an issue could occur that would prevent the Layout properties for the Widget from being edited.  This issue also affected Widgets that had been disabled from the Widget tray but were already in use on a Page or Template.  After patching the Layout properties should always be editable.  

[CMS-4409] - Managed Links Are Orphaned When Link is Removed From HTML Asset

When removing managed links manually from HTML Assets, and then saving the HTML Asset an issue occurred where the removed links were not removed from the database.  This could cause previously linked Assets/Pages to appear related to an HTML Asset even after a link had been removed.  This problem has been corrected by this patch. 

[CMS-4410] - The Older Post/Newer Post links on Blog Posts are not working after applying the latest patch

An issue was introduced in a previous patch where the Next and Previous links on the Blog Post widget stopped rendering after applying the patch.  This issue has been corrected by this patch. 

[CMS-4411] - checkConnection for FTP delivery handlers is hardcoded to 5000ms

An issue was corrected where the timeout value for FTP publishing connections was hardcoded with a 5000 ms timeout.  This caused intermittent publishing failures of FTP publishing jobs in deployments with slow FTP servers or with deployments that have network latency between Percussion and the remote FTP Server.  The timeout value may now be changed by from the 

<InstallDir>/AppServer/server/rx/deploy/rxapp.ear/rxapp.war/WEB-INF/config/user/spring/publisher-beans.xml configuration file by changing the sys_ftp delivery handler configuration to specify a "timeout" property with the desired timeout.  The default has been doubled to 10,000 ms. 

[CMS-5139] - Unable to save asset in IE 11 'invalid method ".includes"'

Customers using the Internet Explorer 11 web browser reported an error in the Asset editor that prevented Assets from being saved.  This issue has been corrected in this patch. 

Known Issue List

  • CMS-3614 - After applying the patch end users may need to clear their browser cache in the CM1 user interface in order to see the new changes to the Rich text Editor and plugins.
  • CMS-3389 - Customer using the secure sections feature will have problems starting the DTS after applying the patch.  They should contact technical support for a work around prior to attempting to patch their instance.
  • CMS-3257 - Customers using the MySQL database server as the backing database for the DTS, will lose the MySQL Connector jar if it was previously placed into the <InstallDir>/Deployment/Server/perc-lib directory.  To correct this problem the MySQL Connector for Java may be installed or symlinked into the <InstallDir>/Deployment/Server/lib directory. Percussion does not include this connector as part of our installation due to license incompatibility issues.
  • CMS-3490 - Customers patching the DTS on Windows Servers will need to reinstall the DTS Windows service by using the "<InstallDir>\Deployment\Server\bin\service.bat remove" and  "<InstallDir>\Deployment\Server\bin\service.bat install" commands. Once the service has been successfully re-installed, the Percussion DTS Windows Service will start.