CM1 5.3 SR1 20181115 Patch

Patch ID - 5315_20181115

This is a cumulative/rollup patch for CM1 5.3 SR1 that includes defect corrections & enhancements. This patch includes an uninstall option to support rollback in the event the patch introduces a problem or issue. The patch can be downloaded from the Support portal. For instructions on installing or uninstalling the patch, please review the Readme file provided in the patch folder.  

An updated list of Known Issues can be found at the bottom of this page.

For details on bug fixes and improvements in previous patch updates, please see the release notes for prior patches.  Links to prior patch release notes are provided below:

Issues addressed in this patch:

[CMS-3634] - Form Widget and Comments Form Incorrectly Setting Placeholder Text as Value

An update has been made to the Form and Comments form widget to set the "placeholder" text attribute so that place holder text is no longer included with the posted form by default. 

[CMS-4139] - Decorative Image not working when constrain proportions is selected

An issue was corrected with the Decorative Image feature of the Rich Text editor where the feature would not work when the Constrain Image Proportions checkbox was selected.  This has been resolved by this patch. 

[CMS-5231] - Session timeout script does not function properly

An issue was corrected where some screens were no longer prompting the user to extend their login session before the login session timed out.  This has been corrected by this patch. 

[CMS-5243] - ojdbc8.jar in patch needs to be removed from DTS lib folder if it exists

After patching the DTS server if the ojdbc8.jar was present in the DTS server's lib directory, the DTS instance would fail to start.  The patch will now remove this jar if it is detected during the patch installation. 

[CMS-5245] - Managed links in HTML widgets don't get published correctly after applying patch 5315_20181017-2

A serious issue was discoverred where managed links in HTML widgets were no longer published with the correct path after applying the previous patch.  That defect is corrected by this patch. 

[CMS-5274] - SaaS only - Unable to save file name change to page, javascript error in console

An issue was uncoverred where SaaS customers, with the Redirect Manager enabled, were not able to edit a page's file name in the metadata editor or delete a page.  That issue has been corrected by this patch. 

[CMS-5275] - Directory Widget is Not Filtering by Revisions for Department Dropdown

The Directory widget was incorrectly pulling all versions of Department assets instead of the latest version of the Department asset.  This caused duplication in the Department filter.  This issue has been corrected as part of this patch. 

[CMS-5276] - SDK Workbench  throws errors on certain Content Type lookup fields

After applying the previous patch Workbench SDK users reported receiving errors when editing Content Types using the Workbench SDK.  These errors were caused by a field on a Widget that could be configured to lookup an external resource.  The errors have been resolved by this patch. 

[CMS-5278] - Social Promotions Gadget still available after applying patch

The defunct Social Promotions Gadget will be removed from the Gadget tray after installing this patch.  Customers that have the Gadget in use on their Dashboard should delete the Gadget from their Dashboard view.

[CMS-3379] - Remove the restriction on using LDAP in SaaS deployments 

The Import LDAP Users feature was incorrectly disabled in SaaS deployments utilizing Secure LDAP for authentication.  The system has been updated to remove this restriction. 

Performance Improvements

This patch includes several performance improvements:

[CMS-2810] - In Memory Cache Auto Tuner - Admin Console Command

A new autotune command has been added to the Admin console.  This command attempts to analyze system cache memory utilization and then optimizes cache configuration for the implementation. 

[CMS-2811] - In memory Cache Auto Tuner - Startup Process

A new startup process has been introduced that anayzes system objects in use and then optimizes cache configuration for the implementation. Operations on system objects that are cached in memory perform much quicker than those that are not cached.   By default, this feature is diabled and should be ran manually from the command console.  If it is desired to have this process run at startup, it can be configured by setting the 'PSAutotuneCacheStartup' property from false to true in the '' file located in <CM1_Root>/rxconfig/Server.

[CMS-5227] - Remove Feed & Cache Manager post edition tasks from Unpublish Now and Publish Now Editions

The RSS Feed and Cache Manager Post Edition Publishing Tasks will be removed from all Unpublish Now and Publish Now publishing editions.  On larger systems the removal of these tasks greatly improves Publishing performance of On Demand publishing Editions, in some cases cutting minutes from the time it takes for the publishing operation to run.   As a side effect of this change, new RSS feeds will only be published when Full or Incremental publishing jobs are run. 

[CMS-4215] - Blogs Gadget permance improvement

A performance problem with the Blogs Gadget that could cause the Gadget to timeout when listing Blogs on systems with large volumes of Blogs and Posts has been corrected.  As a side effect of this update, the Count of blog posts are now visible when viewing the posts for each blog, and is no longer displayed on the main Blog List in the gadget. 

[CMS-5228] - Several publishing log entities incorrectly have 2nd level caching disabled

Several publishing log entities were incorrectly excluded from in memory caching, creating an unnecessary performance lag.  All publishing entities now have a default caching configuration and are included in the new Auto Tuner optimization process.

Known Issue List

  • CMS-3614 - After applying the patch end users may need to clear their browser cache in the CM1 user interface in order to see the new changes to the Rich text Editor and plugins.
  • CMS-3389 - Customer using the secure sections feature will have problems starting the DTS after applying the patch.  Note that after patching, a Full Publish is required.  If after a Full Publish is completed, the Secure Section is not functioning, please following instructions provided in Fixing Issue with Secure Section doc.
  • CMS-3257 - Customers using the MySQL database server as the backing database for the DTS, will lose the MySQL Connector jar if it was previously placed into the <InstallDir>/Deployment/Server/perc-lib directory.  To correct this problem the MySQL Connector for Java may be installed or symlinked into the <InstallDir>/Deployment/Server/lib directory. Percussion does not include this connector as part of our installation due to license incompatibility issues.
  • CMS-3490 - Customers patching the DTS on Windows Servers will need to reinstall the DTS Windows service by using the "<InstallDir>\Deployment\Server\bin\service.bat remove" and  "<InstallDir>\Deployment\Server\bin\service.bat install" commands. Once the service has been successfully re-installed, the Percussion DTS Windows Service will start.