Deleting a Page

Important Note: Before deleting a page, it is best practice to use the "Remove from Site" option under Publishing on the Content tab.  This will archive the page and remove the page from the live site.  By archiving the page, you will be able to maintain the revision history.  If you would rather remove the page completely from the CMS and the live site, be sure to archive the page prior to deleting the page within the CMS.  If you delete the page without archiving, the page will remain on the live site until the next Full Publish.

To delete a page:

  1. Open Site view in the Finder.
  2. Locate the page that you want to delete and select it. The delete icon in the Finder's toolbar becomes enabled.
  3. In the toolbar, click the delete icon.
  4. You are prompted to confirm the action.

You can use this procedure to delete all page types except landing pages. If you select a landing page, the delete icon does not become enabled. For information on deleting landing pages, see Maintaining Site Navigation.


  • Deleting a page removes links to that page in other pages in the site. The links are not removed from published pages until the next full publishing run executes.
  • If you attempt to delete a page that is open for editing by another user, a dialog informs you that it must be closed first.