Twitter Summary Cards

How To Set Up Twitter Cards and Why You Should use Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards allow you to attach rich media to your tweets, so that if you – or someone else – links to a page on your site, a ‘card’ or extra block of text, images or videos are added to the tweet.

What Types of Twitter Cards are Available?

Basic types of Twitter Cards you can use in CM1 Widget:

  • Summary Card – This is the default card. It includes a title, description, thumbnail image and a link to your Twitter account.
  • Summary Card with large image – Same as the regular summary card, but with a bigger image and some additional info

How to Set up Twitter Cards

The nice thing about Twitter Cards is once you have set them up for a particular page or post, you are done. After that, each time someone tweets that page, your Twitter Card gets attached. In the same way that Facebook grabs a thumbnail, title and description when you post a link, Twitter’s crawlers automatically find and attach cards to your tweets.

Below are the steps to setting up Twitter Cards.

1) Create a new page to Add Twitter Cards features.

2) Open the Layout tab, select the Twitter Cards widget.

3) Select the configure icon to edit the Twitter Cards widget properties.

Twitter image

4) Click OK to save and close the configure widget properties window.

5) Click Save to save the Layout.

6) Open the Content tab, select the configure icon to edit the Twitter Cards widget properties.

 Twitter content image Widget


Widget Style Properties
CSS Root Class - A text box in which you can enter a CSS class that you want to apply to the rendered content. Your site designer can provide you with the class name. This can be configured from the Template's Style tab and editing the widget's properties from here.