Page Revisions

A revision is a copy of a page that Percussion creates when you edit it. Percussion does not begin tracking revisions of a page untl the first time a page is published. Any edits or iterations that occur before the first publish are simply considered part of the first revision. 

You can view all of the revisions of a page when the current revision is open. You can also restore an older revision of the page, making it the current revision.

To view page revisions:
  1. Open the page in editor view in either read-only mode or edit mode.
  2. In the upper left corner of the page, select View > Revisions link.
    CM1 opens a dialog listing each revision of the page. By default, revisions are sorted from highest to lowest, but you can sort the list on any column.
  3. Select the revision you want to preview.
    CM1 opens the revision page in a separate window or tab.

If you have a shared asset on the page, it will display the most recent version of the shared asset, even if you are are looking at an older revision of the page. You must look at the revision history of the asset to get a complete picture of what a given page looked like on a given date.

To restore a page revision:

  1. Follow the steps for viewing revisions to open the list of revisions in either read-only or edit mode.
  2. Click the restore revision icon in the row of the revision that you want to restore.
    A popup informs you if you do not have permission to restore the page. Otherwise, the revision becomes the current version of the page opened in edit mode and the list of revisions dialog closes. 

If you have a shared asset on the page and wish to restore that to a prior version, navigate to the shared asset in the Finder and restore the appropriate prior revision of the asset.