Directory Widget


The Directory Widget generates a filterable directory list of people organized by Organization and Department.

Content Editing

This widget has the following field available for editing in the Content Tab:

  • Directory title (optional): This field allow syou to set an optional Title at the top of the rendered widget.
  • Select organization: This field allows you to configure the Directory list to contain People form just one selected organization or from all organizations.
  • Custom placeholder Image: This field allows you to set a custom placeholder image. This image will render in the profile photo area and defaults to a placeholder image if a person has not configured their own Profile Photo.


Layout Editing

This widget also has a number of Layout configuration properties:

  • Format of directory title: Select the format of your Department Name as HTML Div, Paragraph, or H1 - H6. The default is H2.
  • Layout format: Table or Card
  • Hide text search box
  • Hide dropdown filter menu
  • Hide organization
  • Hide department
  • Hide position/title
  • Hide phone number (checked to be hidden by default)
  • Hide 'Send Email' link (checked to be hidden by default)
  • Hide image