Copying a Page

The copy page feature lets you create a new page that is similar to an existing one without starting from scratch. For example, if all of your course description pages are similar, you can save time by copying one course page and modifying it to have a different date or description.

Percussion enables you to copy a page, and gives the copy the same content, links, and format as the original. A copy of a page initially has the suffix -copy to distinguish it from the original. All copies of pages begin in the Draft state, regardless of the state of the original page, so they can move through an entire workflow like any other new page.

To copy a page:

1. In the Finder, select the page that you want to copy.

2. Click the Configuration icon in the top right of the finder, and select Copy from the drop down menu:

Copy Page

After the page is copied, you can modify its content and features. there is no connection to the original page.