Creating a Custom Error Page

When a published Percussion CMS website encounters an error, it displays the error page located at <site root>/error.html. The default error.html is a basic error page that notifies you that you have encountered an error. However, you can override this default page by publishing a custom error page to <site root>/error.html.
To create a custom error page:

  1. You can create a new template for your error page or use an existing one. To maintain the look and feel of your website, your template should use some of the same components as your other templates. You can include any widgets on the template associated with the error page.
  2. In the Finder, go to Sites view.
  3. Click the site to which you want to add the error page.
  4. Create a page with a filename of error.html in the selected site's root folder (the Display Title can be anything your choose, such as "Page Not Found").
  5. Add an error message to the page.
  6. When you publish the website, your error page appears under the site root as error.html. 
    If a site visitor encounters an error, your website displays the error page.